Top Test-Taking Tips for Elementary Students

For Kindergarten through 6th Grade

Hello, Nice to Meet You!

Signing, “Hello, Nice to Meet You” in Sign Language.

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Test Anxiety Tips

5 minute video on test anxiety from Youtube.

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5-minute Self-Care Reminder Poster :)

Reminder for students!

Made by Canva

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Testing Tip #3

The Morning Of

The morning of the test is when students are most nervous, anxious, and stressed out.

Here are a list of tips to helps students move away from these feelings and become more confident:

  1. Eat breakfast- SUPER important!
  2. Arrive to school with plenty of time
  3. Avoid people who stress you out
  4. Remind yourself of the hard work and preparation for the test
  5. Pause for a few minutes and take a deep breath
  6. Remind yourself of your exam strategy

These tips will help students feel better for taking the test and move away from those harsh emotions. All of these tips are super important.

geralt / Pixabay
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