Top Test-Taking Tips for Elementary Students

For Kindergarten through 6th Grade

Connecting With Others :)

  • Connecting with other people is important; social connection lowers anxiety and depression and helps us regulate our emotions
    • leads to higher self- esteem and empathy
    • forms healthy relationships and friendships
    • improves immune system and health
    • inspires and motivates
    • decrease stress and anxiety levels
    • increases perception of meaning and life
    • increases happiness
    • makes you feel loved and important

These are many different reasons on why connecting with others and establishing positive relationships is good for the overall well-being of a person.

  • For teachers it is their job to make sure they build positive relationships and connection with their students; building a positive relationships with students improves students’ well-beings in many ways.
    • increases trust between student and teacher
    • improves students’ depression and anxiety
    • makes them feel comfortable and cared for
    • prevents substance abuse
    • makes students feel confident and safe
    • gives a sense of belonging
    • improves mental health

There are many different reasons why connection is so important not only in school, but out of school. It is important to establish positive and loving relationships with those around you because it improves the well-being of so many people. Sometimes you do not know if there is a connection with someone unless you try and you never know what the person is going through, so be kind and talk to whom-ever you want because at the end of the day we only have one life so live it the happiest you can be!

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